How To Create A Landing Page In WordPress: An Ultimate Guide (2023)

How to create a landing page in WordPress

Want to create a landing page for your product/service? Will it really convert? Here’s everything you need to know about Landing page and how to create a Landing page in WordPress?

In today’s digital marketing world, a landing page is a very important tool to drive conversions and lead generation.

Now, with all the hype about the Landing pages, you might want to create one for yourself…

..but how can you proceed without actually understanding what it is and how it will work for your advantage?

In this article, we will discuss all about Landing Pages? What they are? Do you need them on your website? And how to create a Landing page on your own.

What is a landing page?

A Landing page is a page where you want your visitors to land when they click any of your advertisements, clicking an online marketing call-to-action, etc.

Typically, a landing page on your website is a page that is designed with the goal to convert. It can generally be part of your marketing strategy.

If you are relying on paid advertising/PPC campaigns, etc. the landing page is the page that you should direct your traffic to.

So what should a landing page have?

A landing page is more important than any other page on your website because it directly aims at conversions.

Whereas the other pages of your website may be created for different purposes, the sole purpose of a landing page is to initiate user action.

Therefore, the content, the design and the structure of this page should combinely work to draw the desired results.

There are four important elements of a landing page:

Strong titles

Landing page -titles

Your visitors have a short attention span and you have to make the best of every moment they spend looking on your website.

And the first thing that catches their attention is the headlines. Therefore take your time and frame your headings to catch user attention.

A catchy heading should be short, expressive and quickly answer the user question. You can use tools like headline analyzer to create impactful headlines for your landing pages.

Effective images

Images on landing page

Images are more expressive and are easily processed by the human brain, therefore making it a point to include as many images as possible.

Use high quality and relevant images which makes it easy for your readers to understand you better. Visual content attracts attention faster and is easy to understand.

You can use stock images, infographics or even videos on your landing page. The goal is to present your proposal/offer/deal in such a way that is easy to understand.

Powerful Content

The content on your landing page has to be special, persuasive. Besides images and videos, if a visitor is totally interested and wants to know more, the content on your landing page should clearly answer all their questions.

Besides what you write, how you write also matters. Pay attention to the readability, the presentation, and use a different form of content like bullet points, lists, charts, etc.

Call to Action


The most important part of your landing page is the call to action where the users will actually convert. Therefore, it needs to be planned and placed thoughtfully on your website. There are different techniques that you can use to create an effective CTA.

What is the difference between a Landing Page and a Home Page?

The main difference between a landing page and a home page is in their purpose.

While a landing page is specifically designed for promoting a product/service, a homepage is the entry page for your website and typically reflects different aspects of your site.

A landing page is action oriented while the homepage should mirror the purpose and content of your website. A landing page is product oriented, whereas a homepage is not.

The homepage may or may not have a CTA because it’s not necessarily there to convert the users. The homepage’s role is introductory and it is a platform for displaying all the links to the important pages(even the landing page).

So it is totally okay for the homepage to not have a CTA, but for a Landing page, CTA is the main part.

If you are using advertisements to bring about the traffic than you should definitely create a landing page.

Why should I create a landing page using WordPress?

How To Create A Landing Page In WordPress: An Ultimate Guide (2023) 1There are multiple ways you can create a landing page for your website or an individual landing page for your product or service.

WordPress is known to be a very user-friendly CMS and it can be easily used to create a conversion-oriented landing page on your own.

WordPress Themes: You can find unlimited WordPress themes for any niche, and there are plenty of WordPress themes

Advantages of using WordPress for Landing page theme

No coding knowledge required: So even if you are not a programmer and have never created a website earlier, you can create a beautiful website for yourself in minutes.

No designing skills required: Most of the premium WordPress themes are super customizable and you can easily personalize them, change their look with the easy options.

Easy to customize and manage: The theme comes with intuitive options and settings to make it work the way you want. Every feature of your website and the design changes can be implemented without touching a line of code.

WordPress Plugins: Need more features into your website, just find the relevant plugin and add it. Making your website feature rich is now a matter of adding a new plugin.

How to create a landing page in WordPress?

The technology you use to create your landing page doesn’t matter as long as you have conversion-focused content.

To create a landing page for your product or service, we recommend using WordPress. I have already mentioned the advantages of using WordPress for creating beautiful Landing Pages.

If you want your Landing Page to be a part of your website, you can use a WordPress plugin like Landing Page Builder

Choose a domain and host

You can ignore this step if you want to create a landing page on your existing website.

But if you want a landing page that stands apart from your website, you can use a WordPress theme and create a landing page with the steps mentioned here.

So first of all, we need a relevant domain name for your landing page. Think of 3-4 names for the domain and head to a domain registration site to acquire the domain.

Landing page - domain name

Your domain name should be short, easy to remember and relevant to your website.

For hosting, you can rely on any hosting company long as they provide the maximum uptime and smooth performance. You can’t afford to disappoint your visitors by landing them on a page that is down.

We recommend Bluehost for both the domain name and hosting. Because Bluehost has affordable plans and best services.

Choosing a Landing Page Theme

One of the advantages of using WordPress for your website is the availability of a plethora of beautiful and feature packed themes.

Even for creating a landing page, there are plenty of themes to choose from. This list can help you choose a Landing page theme for WordPress.

regardless of the theme you choose, the procedure to create a landing page website on WordPress remains the same. For this article, I shall use the Landing Page theme from a theme shop to create our custom landing page WordPress.

How To Create A Landing Page In WordPress: An Ultimate Guide (2023) 2

If you want to create a landing page on your existing multipage website, you can use one of the landing page builders to do so.

Installing and Activating your WordPress theme

You can choose from the available landing page templates to create your landing page.

Installing WordPress themeThe method to install and activate WordPress themes from different providers are all different.

While some themes come with an easy install to quickly install your website, some themes come with a setup wizard that will help you install all the components systematically and sequentially.

regardless of the installation method your theme uses, the whole process to install and activate your theme is always easy.

WordPress themes generally come with a theme guide or documentation that can help you with the installation process. Follow the steps mentioned in the guide to install and activate your theme:

A typical installation process consists of:

  • installing a landing page theme
  • Installing supporting plugins
  • Activating the themes and plugins
  • Importing the demo data

with all of the above steps performed, your website will start looking exactly like the theme demo.

Note: The steps mentioned above are generally performed automatically without you requiring to perform each, one by one. Generally, all you will need to perform each step is just a button click.

Customizing the theme

Just like installation, the customization methods with different themes are different.

There are themes that allow customizations through page builders, while the other themes allow you to use the backend options to make changes to your site.

However, the steps to customize your website are generally covered within the guide. So you don’t need to worry about how to customize the theme.

Here, we will talk about what to customize in your landing page website:


The first thing you would need to change is the logo, site title, favicon, etc. These are the elements that should represent your business through your website. So first, you can upload the logo, set the site title, etc.


How To Create A Landing Page In WordPress: An Ultimate Guide (2023) 3

The menus on a Landing page typically redirect to the different sections on the same page. You can, therefore, list down all the different sections you are going to have on your landing page and link them to the menu.

The header

The header is the first thing your visitor will lay his eyes on. Therefore, make it as interesting as possible. You can change its color, replace the banner, choose different colors and make it effective.

Use persuasive copywriting methods to change any text that is over the banner or below it. Ultimately, everything that you put on your Landing page’s header should persuade your visitor to scroll and read more.

Colors, fonts, and formatting

The design and formatting matters. For your landing page, choose the colors that complement your subject. Also, change the fonts according to the readability.

Finally, make sure that the format and design aspects don’t interfere with the clarity of your page.

Content and CTA

When writing for landing pages, plan your content very carefully. Each detail counts on the page that has been designed for conversions.

Therefore, eliminate unnecessary details, be straightforward and highlight all the important points to make your Landing page informative and useful for the readers.

Promoting your Landing Page

When your landing page is ready, it’s finally time to let people know about it. Promoting your landing page properly will certainly yield positive results because it is a page designed for conversions.

Paid advertisement campaigns

How To Create A Landing Page In WordPress: An Ultimate Guide (2023) 4A landing page is generally created as a part of PPC campaign or digital marketing. Therefore, it is the page that is linked to the advertisement.

So when a user clicks on an advertisement, it leads him directly to the landing page. This is the most common method to bring about traffic on your landing page.

Share it on social media

Even if your landing page is built specially for your PPC campaign, doesn’t mean that you can’t use other means to promote it.

You can advertise it on social media which is one of the best ways to spread the news amongst the group of people of similar interest.

SEO optimize it

Don’t you want people looking for product/service you offer, to have a look at your landing page? The best way to get to them is through search engines. And only proper search engine optimization can help you achieve it.

You can either hire SEO experts to look after the search engine friendliness of your content, or you can do it yourself by following the innumerous SEO guides available online.

Managing & maintaining your landing page

Landing pages once created don’t need much maintenance. Unlike business and eCommerce themes that need frequent updations, landing pages usually have static content.

But be sure to keep the content updated to display the latest deals. Also, you can keep track of user activities to make sure that desired conversions are happening.

Tips and tricks for your Landing Page Websites

There are so many technologies and options available on the internet that you can use to create your landing pages. So creating a landing page with WordPress or any other tool is simple and easy.

However, it’s not just about creating a page and pushing it live. The actual goal can only be reached if your landing page is effective.

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to create a landing page that actually converts:

Conversion oriented content

Content is the king, even on the landing page. And content here doesn’t essentially mean the words you use, but also includes

  • Use easy language, easy to read and process
  • Structure of your content
  • Headings and formatting

Therefore, while you draft copies for your landing page, be extra cautious because the content you write should contribute to actual conversion.

Include real testimonials

Testimonial landing page

The testimonials on your landing page have more than one advantages. They aren’t just beneficial for conversion but also helps you drive traffic by increasing SEO. They serve as the social proof that assures your prospect users that your product/service will solve their problem.

Your visitors will surely take the words of fellow users & get inspired by what they have to say about your product. Make sure to include the testimonials that solve the user confusion and raises and counters any possible confusions they might have.

Lots of attractive images & videos for your landing page

I have already mentioned this one as one of the essential parts of a landing page. Imagine a landing page (or any web page) without any image, can you?

Images are more expressive than words and impacts the user’s quicker than words. So don’t forget to include high-quality, meaningful images into your website.

Highlighting CTA for extra effect

Another important aspect of your landing page is the CTA. This is the point where you to want you want to direct all the user attention.

While using different colors and design patterns for different sections of your website, make sure that the Call-To-Action part stands apart from the rest. A properly highlighted Call to action section is easily noticeable and increases the chances of the users to take the desired action.

Headlines that catch the attention

I can’t stress enough the importance of headlines on your Landing page (or any page). For those visitors who are just going to scroll away through your page, solely the headlines should deliver your complete message.

According to the most popular marketing experts and copywriters, instead of talking about the product/service features in your headlines, you should talk about how your product will help users solve their problem.

Make it about the reader

How To Create A Landing Page In WordPress: An Ultimate Guide (2023) 5Your landing page is the page you are designing to talk about your product/service that you are promoting, right?

Then why should it talk about anything else but the said product/service?

But the visitors on your website are not there to listen about your how great you think your product/service is? They just want to know that investing in your product/service will actually solve their problem.

Therefore, make everything you write on your Landing page about your readers.

Display a great deal

You might create an attractive page, including images and catchy headlines and do everything for a persuasive content. But your visitors aren’t going to sign up or buy long as you don’t have a great deal for them.

When creating a landing page, also make sure that you display a deal or discount that sounds exciting to your users. That is the only way you can make them act for your offer.

Make it easy to scan at a quick glance

We have already talked about headlines, images and design structure of your landing page. It all impacts the overall performance of your website.

Once your landing page is ready, scroll through it to ensure that all the important points are properly highlighted. Evaluate if all the important highlights of your landing page are brought instantly to their attention.

Separate content sections

Individual content sections give clarity to your users and make it easy for them to process the data. Most of the landing page designs
First impression (classy and

Make it clean and easy on eyes

Design matters, but extra fancy design with heavy animations and effects may confuse the visitors. Therefore, make sure that the design of your landing page is clean and focused.

Such designs are easy on the reader’s eye and provide them with space to easily process the deals that they find on your landing page.

Eliminate unnecessary details. Keep it short and precise

A landing page is a page through which you can directly communicate with your prospective customers/subscribers. This may tempt you to write your heart out on your page.

But be careful while you do so. A Landing page should have only high-quality content. This is the content that the users actually care about. Therefore, once your content for the landing page is ready, re-evaluate it to make sure that there’s no unnecessary detail included.


The one goal of your landing page is hidden at the CTA. You want your visitor to take action without being distracted.

So it is advisable to check that you eliminate the distraction points, like hyperlinks, or link to some other product page, or any other detail that leads them away from your page.


A landing page in association with an ad campaign is indeed one of the easiest ways to get more traffic. But the traffic is useless without conversions. Therefore, you must do everything you can to create pages that convert.

Also, pay utmost attention to the CTA of your website. With WordPress, you can easily create a landing page with the content and design you want.

I would love to hear your opinions on the best way to create a landing page. Feel free to share any experiences that can help our readers to create the best landing page for themselves.