WP Premium theme updated. Version 2.1 released with new features

Version 2 of WordPress Premium Theme has been released since over a month and it received quite a warm welcome in paid version as well. Once released, some of the users pointed some minor bugs and suggestions which I agreed to include in the theme. To keep it clean and fast, I had to turn down many tempting features for the theme. Coming to the point, here’s some of the updates in the latest version.


  • Minor bugs fixed. Social Bookmarking links were not working with some users, all fixed now.
  • Twitter plugin is no longer mandatory. The theme includes built in code now. Paid users only have to mention their user name in the theme control panel and thats it.
  • Three level drop down navigation is included for the paid users.  You have drop navigation in all 10 color schemes.
  • For rest of the features of the theme, head over to the theme release page.

All the paid users will receive the theme update within 24 hours via e-junkie. Get in touch via contact form in this site if you have questions further.