– Highest Quality Premium WordPress Themes is coming!

The premium themes market seems promising and there are new paid themes popping up every day. However, not every paid theme is of premium quality and many of them are not even worth paying. The another concern is, wordpress themes are becoming more complex and we are forgetting the real use of wordpress – to write a blog. While there are numerous themes that are of good quality – available for free download, there are not many paid themes on offer that are meant for just blog. If corporate people or Individual professional wants to have a super high design, they have to pay for a custom design which may or may not match their exact needs.
Dear reader, I am happy to announce the forth coming launch of which is just two weeks away, will be a home of premium quality free and paid themes. Each and every theme will be exclusively designed, strategically coded and commented, SEO optimized, with theme admin options, widget-ready, supporting famous plug ins, documented, good support and more… and yet, they will all be unbelievably affordable!

Small Potato wrote on raising personal standard for paid wordpress themes. Ofcourse, all the upcoming themes at will follow this guidelines. However, there will be more. While I completely agree with that, I think one thing is lacking in the list and that is, power to the people. Theme Options is really a good Idea to give the control of the theme to the site owner. Giving basic options like

  • Adding Feedburner ID
  • Advertisement Management
  • Setting Page/Blog Width
  • Site Title/Logo as Image or Text?
  • Background color and Text Color settings
  • Sidebar on Left or Right?
  • Show at most (n) posts in Blog Index
  • etc.

Thomas Silkj?r at undersigned introduced theme options and that is really a wonderful feature if you wish to give the power to control the theme behavior to the real user. I am planning on adding this feature in WP Remix theme as well in near future.

A request: I firmly believe any product should be useful and according to the customer need. I request the reader to write their opinion on the premium themes. I would also request to specify your blog theme needs in comments. Who knows, i might just build a theme that will suit your need exactly?

Update: The website has been launched just before few days. Go check it here: