A quick guide to help you choose the best wordpress host

I have never published it here but just wished to give a quick update about a one page website HostWordpress.com site that I created before few months.

If you are about to buy a hosting account for your wordpress blog or site, you should read the blog post and consider the best option for you.  Here’s a quote from the site..

They provide huge space at low cost and lure you into buying. Then, you realize they only allow one domain and one database!

Here’s some bullet point that I discussed in the guide.

  • Define your requirement and choose accordingly. What are you hosting, and what do you need?
  • Don’t just fall for space – how many domains and databases can you have?
  • Do they offer a WordPress easy one-click install using Fanastico?
  • Do they keep the WordPress version up-to-date in the one-click install application list?
  • Do they have good, quick customer support?
  • Do they provide 99.9% uptime guarantee or do they face frequent down time?
  • Do they do regular backups?
  • Planning to use a premium theme after you purchase the hosting?
  • Do they offer support for web development tools?
  • Does it have GD Library support?
  • It’s always wise to ask about your concerns before you buy the hosting packages.
it only takes few minute but saves you tonne of hassle and inconvenience later.  Check out the site and get tips on How to choose best wordpress host?

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